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Amazing Stories of Ordinary People

Bringing Music To Your Ears

​Audiologist To Entrepreneur Of The Year

Mok Yong Yaw

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Bringing Music to Your Ears - Audiologist to Entrepreneur of the Year is a story of an amazing individual who builds the biggest hearing aide distribution chain in Malaysia, from plain passion to provide better hearing services to the elderly.

Lim Ren En Live! has the privilege to invite Mr Mok Yong Yaw, the founder of 20DB Hearing Services, who owns and operates 24 professional Hearing Centre in all major towns in Malaysia.

The biggest hearing aides distributor of Malaysia, starting from half a shoplot in Cheras and expanding to what it is today within 16 years.

Tune in to hear this amazing story of a man, with a single passion to provide professional hearing services to the elderly, carved out a amazing career and created the company that won the Sin Chew Business Excellence Award 3 years in a roll.

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