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Amazing Stories of Ordinary People

Growing Up In Post War Germany To Witnessing

The Rise Of New China!

Roland Steiner

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Success Stories on Lim Ren En Live! Brings you an astonished man. He is the Director of Operations of Intercontinental Hotels Group of China, Roland Steiner.

Roland was born in a poor remote farm in post WW2 Germany in 1951. This man lived and worked in 5 continents, lived his life under the white apartheid of South Africa, a German who works in Israel and witness the rise of the new China through the eyes of a expat during his 26 years living serving the IHG Hotel Group.

Roland is also an excellent chef, who has the privilege to worked with the great french chef, Paul Bocuse (the Gordon Ramsey of of the 70s and 80s)

A man with great perspective and who have experience the worst and the best time in modern day China.

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