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Why leave so much, your own money, to your children? Use insurance money!

Why leave so much, your own money, to your children? Use insurance money!

If you’re interested to know how to fully utilise all your money for your own pleasure, and still leave a huge legacy and estate to your children and grandchildren. Watch this, this may help you enjoy life and still be very generous to your family.

Hey, this is Insurance Matters by Lim Ren En Live! This is about giving you the best advice in your all insurance needs. Giving you clarity! If you need any insurance advice, schedule a meeting with me today!

And let’s take time to listen to you, plan out what your needs and implement what your want.

Why leave so much, your own money, to your children? Use insurance money!

You have work hard all your life, work so hard. And save enough money to buy a house, put food on the table, give good education to your children and even bought them a house. So you think your commitment is done and you can now enjoy life as it is.

But then, the grandchildren came, and they are such a joy to be around with… you wanted to leave a legacy for them and yet, you had a diffficult choice now, to save your retirement cash for your family or to finish it and live a life of a style retiree… which is for you to choose.

How about is I say you can have the best of both world.. live a style life of a wealthy retire, and spend all your money. But then, we we all decide to kick the bucket, your family and your grandchildren will still get a legacy fund from grandpa and grandma.. so how can we do it… what the secret..

The magic word is —— a legacy policy!!!

I have done this many times for businessman and retirees… what we do is to leverage the insurance company money by buying into a legacy policy.

We use as minimal as 2% of the sum assured to take a legacy policy under your name. If you wanna leave 1 million to your family, then let’s assume the premium is 20,000.

20,000 to you may be just a fraction of the interest your earn from the FD and investment you have in your retirement account..

Invest that 20k with us, we will set up a legacy policy for you..

You can continue to enjoy life spend your money, and live a very comfortable retirement life and enjoy life to the fullest.

And yet, when the times come that we need to meet our creator in heaven, the legacy policy will trigger and create instantly a 1 million family trust for your grandchildren, for their education and whatever you want for them

2% a year, mean in 20 years it is only 40% premium paid compare to the sum assured of 100%… meaning you still make 60%… very good deal..

So why cram you head when there is a solution to let you enjoy your money, and still leave a huge legacy for your family..

If you wanna know more, schedule a meeting today with me, I promise to take time to understand your wants, and plan out a plan that suit you and your family… then only then, will we talk about implementing it.

Schedule a meeting with me today, we can meet face to face or through zoom… that’s fine with me.

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