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#24 Insurance Matters

Should a Private Medical Doctor contribute more into EPF or get more insurance?

This episode on insurance matters will give you clarity on the pro and cons to put more money into EPF and why you should contribute to EPF if you haven’t done so.

You will also learn what policy is best for you that can help you secure your future income potential, while saving up for your retirement.

You can have the best of both worlds, got returns on your money, security for your future and hedge against risk of losing your ability to work as a doctor.

Watch this video to the end and I guarantee this will give you clarity.

#19 Insurance Matters

Insure your baby now, yes! Even if you’re still pregnant! The best gift for your child.

Every parent wants the best for the child. New born babies are survivors. They fight everyday to survive and grow to their fullest potential. As parents, we must help them to protect them and let them live their lives with purpose. Parents need peace of mind by giving your child a superb coverage before they are born.


Today topic talks about the process and methods to insure your children even before she is born. Giving your child the best chance to make it in life. If you’re pregnant now, this is a topic you must watch and learn. See how can you protect yourself and your child from uncertainties. Making sure everything is going to be ok.

#20 Insurance Matters







#21 Insurance Matters

What insurance policies should a Medical Doctor have?

If you are a medical doctor, looking for a suitable insurance policy and are confused with all those suggestions by insurance agents that just wanna sell you a product. This is for you! Let me share my experience, in helping you get what you want and not what agents want to sell you. This episode of Insurance Matters, we will discuss in depth on what kind on insurance policies is essential for medical doctors and reason you should insure yourself against the possibility of income lost.


Stay to the last part of the show, as we will show you how to navigate risk effectively without burning a hole in your pocket.

#22 Insurance Matters

Company Medical Insurance Vs Personal Medical Insurance! 
Should I take up a personal one, and which one to use first for a medical claim?

Basically, there is only 5  differences

1. Company medical insurance covers when you’re under employment, where your personal ones, cover you regardless.

 2. Company medical insurance covers until the age of 65, some until 70. But let’s be real, which company keep a employee until age 70 right? So basically, when you’re retired, you’re out. A personal medical insurance, covers until age 100.

 3. Company medical benefits are very limited, mostly from 50k -100k per annual limit. Don’t be fool by thinking as long I have good enough, because it is the big illness that will bankrupt you,

4. Let’s say you have cancer, and your company medical insurance cover 50K, that’s not enough, So you need to fall back on your own medical coverage

5. Two, do you think your company is graceful enough to continue hiring you knowing you can’t perform for the next year? Point of think, once unemployed, you’re out of their insurance cover.

#23 Insurance Matters

Why leave so much, your own money, to your children? Use insurance money!

You have work hard all your life, work so hard. And save enough money to buy a house, put food on the table, give good education to your children and even bought them a house. So you think your commitment is done and you can now enjoy life as it is.

But then, the grandchildren came, and they are such a joy to be around with… you wanted to leave a legacy for them and yet, you had a diffficult choice now, to save your retirement cash for your family or to finish it and live a life of a style retiree… which is for you to choose.

How about is I say you can have the best of both world.. live a style life of a wealthy retire, and spend all your money. But then, we we all decide to kick the bucket, your family and your grandchildren will still get a legacy fund from grandpa and grandma.. so how can we do it…

Today insurance matters topic is talking about how to use the insurance money to leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren. This video may help you enjoy life and still be very generous to your family.

Lim Ren en live 2 (1) copy.png

#5 Insurance Matters

Feeling cash strap at the moment?


Wonder why you're not prepare for a market shutdown and financial crisis. Today we will talk about the importance of setting up a Business Sinking Fund for SME and Medical Professionals.


Guiding you step by step on the how to and why in setting up a rainy day fund. After you listen to this session, and take action, never again you will suffer from cash problem during a financial meltdown.

bsf en.jpg
IM 华语 Copy.jpg

#6 Insurance Matters

企业家/生意人/专业人士 你知道要买多少人寿保险才足够吗?还是让你的agent 天马行空给一个 天文数字你买呢? 觉得你买了太多吗?还是觉得 保费 好像给太多了?


今天的主题 就是让你 了解 你的保险 是不是 买的太多,还是太少。 我会分析 如何用3个简单的步骤 让你自己选出你 需要买多少 人寿保险。



#7 Insurance Matters

How much Life Insurance does a Young Professional needs?


Have you encountered this question? Or you just let your insurance agent plug a number from the sky and tell you how much you need? There are some simple ways to calculate your needs in a proper way, yet doesn't involve too much study to bored you out of it.


I will share with 3 simple ways to calculate your insurance needs., so that you have an idea how much life insurance you need and not being oversold by agents again.



young profesional en.jpg
single lady - english hori Copy.jpg

#8 Insurance Matters


We want to celebrate your life and speak about your insurance needs.


What type of insurance do you actually needs and how can you plan your insurance portfolio to your living standard and live a wonderful life! We will also discuss about the retirement planning option out there and help you understand some great choices.

#9 Insurance Matters


这一集的讲保险,专为单身女性 量身定做的节目。你的保险是不是买够了,还是买的太多了?多少才够呢?


退休金对你来说 也是非常重要的一环,要如何为自己老来有所依靠?靠人 不如靠自己! 今晚 我会一一给你解析清楚,要精明消费,活得精彩!

single lady - english hori Copy.jpg
企业生意人开源节流的8个步骤! Copy.jpg

#10 Insurance Matters


老板们的生意大跌!在这段非常时期,公司赚不到钱的同时还要出粮给伙计! 是不是在寻找新的出路?寻找一个两全其美的方法呢?



#11 Insurance Matters

8 simple steps to increase revenue and improve cash flow for SME businesses.


During these moments of difficulties, business owners are thinking ways to improve cashflow and increase revenue. This episode of insurance matters will show you some simple steps to do just that.


You will learn to stabilise your company cashflow and hopefully improve your business quality and profits in months to come. The important things now is to stay afloat and weather the storm.

8 steps to increase revenue and improve

#12 Insurance Matters



The medical professionals are one of the most stable professions in the world. We will forever need the doctors around to assist us when we are sick.


Private doctors are in fact some of the highest income earners, but how do we protect this stable stream of income for doctors? Is there an effective way to guarantee their income?


This session of Insurance Matters will discuss about the 3 possible ways to guarantee a stable income stream for doctors in any circumstances. Doctors need to know this before it is too late!

#13 Insurance Matters

什么是Keyman Insurance?


企业如何避开不必要的财务风险? 老板 有听过 Keyman Insurance吗?是不是很像听过叻? 企业面对的不再只是 生意营收 起起落落的风险,还有人事的风险 和 合伙人的风险。企业也面对人才流失 损失人才的风险。


这些不必要的风险 可以避免 也可以避开,合伙人受灾 可以给企业带来 致命的损失! 这一季的讲保险 系列,一一为你讲解 企业的风险 和化险为夷的方法!

keyman chinese Copy.jpg

#14 Insurance Matters

6 Simple Steps in Better Money Management and Take you Out of Debts!

Ever wonder why are you always in debt and couldn't make ends meet. Or you can't seems to afford the house or the holiday you wanted.


This is the session for you to understand money better and manage your income better. Learn 6 simple ways to manage your money better and get ahead of your peers, live a well managed life.


#15 Insurance Matters



来今天来讲医药卡! 你的医药卡买了十年八年,医药费越来越贵,听朋友讲,现在新的医药卡 保障很大,一两个million的。想upgrade又找不到你的agent,有些小毛病又怕 保险公司不保!!还有 会贵吗??


不要怕,今天 我来跟你分析 如何有效,又省钱的方法 upgrade你的医药卡,又可以找到好的agent来service你!

Upgrade medical insurance - mandarin Cop
Upgrade medical insurance - mandarin Cop

#16 Insurance Matters

Should I Upgrade my Medical Card?!

Wondering to upgrade your medical insurance or getting a new one before retirement? Having thousand of questions on what is good and what the cost?


In this episode of Insurance Matters, we will go deep into this practical discussion, giving you ideas on what is good and what is not! Why should you be upgrading your medical insurance and why you shouldn't in some circumstances!


We promise you will get much needed clarity and make a better decision in choosing the best medical coverage for yourself.

#17 Insurance Matters

6个简单有效的 财务管理方法, 带你脱离债务!

6个简单有效的 财务管理方法, 带你脱离债务! 总是钱不够用,赚多少,花多少!月月都用完,做个月光族!理财可以变的容易!


今天我来跟大家 分想如何用 6个钱罐的方法!脱离债务,买到你想要的东西,还可以应付未来的需要! 不用偷,也不用抢!也不是Money Game! 谁应该来听,年轻人,小家庭,为人父母,老板! 不想以后生活好点的,不想有多点钱的,不用来听! 理财本来就应该简单 容易明白!

6 simples steps in helping you manage yo
Insurance Claims Copy.jpg

#18 Insurance Matters

Insurance Claims! What should i know?


Have you ever wonder what it takes to make a life or medical insurance claims?


Do you know it is harder for an insurance company to deny claims than to approve one?


Over 50% of denied insurance claims is due to lack of communications and miscommunications between the client, the insurance agent and the insurance companies.


This week at Lim Ren En Live! We will do a deep discussion on insurance claims for life, medical and critical illness. What should you say to your doctor? What can be claimed and what can't? General documents needed for a medical insurance claims? and the role of your insurance agent in assisting your insurance claim.

#3 Insurance Matters

不够钱用!如何最有效的把保单Cash Value拿出来 应急的方法!


这一集的‘讲保险’直播,就是要提示你 如何从你的人寿储蓄保险 拿回 Cash Value来应急。我会详细的解释 那种保险可以拿钱,那种不可以懂得。当你了解你的保单后,你才明白你有多少钱可以拿来周转。

你如果需要联系我,可以call我,016-2386161 或者email我

我们可以帮你做个 免费的保单检讨 Policy Review!

Cash Out Policy CN.jpg
bsf cn.jpg

#4 Insurance Matters

今天要讲的是 Business Sinking Fund!企业紧急基金。


一个未雨稠缪的方案,帮助企业在经济风暴,突然其来的事件,给你第一时间找到现金的方法! 如果你在这次经济萧条没有遇到钱的问题,那恭喜你,你有预备! 如果你面对钱的问题,那这个 直播 就是为你预备的!你一定要听。


Share 出去 给那些做生意的朋友,一起来学习怎么 为艰难的时候 做好准备, 别再为钱烦脑了

#1 Insurance Matters

Free Covid-19 Coverage for Medical Fronliners from Insurance Company.


Detail explanation how this works and we will take all questions regarding this free insurance cover.


I will share experience of why government medical doctors and medical front liners should consider taking up a private medical insurance. I understand government doctors, because i marry one...

GH Dr - Medical Copy.jpg
Cash Out Policy EN copy.jpg

#2 Insurance Matters

Affected by the pandemic and the economy slow down?


Here is some ways for your to get cash from your insurance policies. Learn ways to cash out some of your savings from your policies without jeopardising your insurance coverage.


Cutting off the fats in your spending and commitment, learn how to be leaner and yet better protected with proper insurance policy review and repacking.


You can get in touch with me at or PM me for more information and guidance.

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